10 Tallest Buildings in Denver, Colorado

Denver’s skyline, adorned with sleek and towering structures, tells a story of a city in constant evolution. As we ascend into the Mile-High City and explore the architectural marvels that pierce the Colorado sky, we find ourselves immersed in a narrative of progress, innovation, and urban sophistication. The ten tallest buildings in Denver and Colorado stand not only as formidable structures but as symbols of the city’s ascent into a modern era. From iconic landmarks that dominate the downtown skyline to residential towers that redefine urban living, each structure contributes to the vibrant tapestry of Denver’s architectural landscape. Join us on a journey as we delve into the details of these skyward-reaching giants, exploring their heights, designs, and the unique stories they tell about the dynamic city they call home.

10 Tallest buildings in Denver, Colorado listed bellow

Republic Plaza

Republic Plaza, an iconic skyscraper, proudly graces the Denver skyline. Situated at 370 17th Street in the heart of downtown Denver, it stands as a symbol of the city’s economic vitality and urban sophistication. Completed in 1984, this architectural marvel has become a landmark in the Mile-High City.

This towering structure rises majestically with 56 floors, reaching an impressive height of 717 feet (219 m). As the tallest building in Denver, Republic Plaza not only commands attention but also offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains and the vibrant city below.

Republic Plaza boasts a distinctive architectural design that sets it apart on the Denver skyline. The exterior is adorned with reflective glass, creating a modern and sleek appearance. The tower’s sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic contribute to its timeless elegance. At the summit, a unique crown-like feature crowns the building, adding a touch of architectural flair and serving as a recognizable silhouette against the Colorado sky.

The use of reflective glass not only enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal but also allows it to shimmer in the sunlight, creating a dazzling effect. Republic Plaza is more than just a skyscraper; it’s a visual testament to Denver’s economic prominence and architectural innovation. As a focal point of the city’s downtown landscape, Republic Plaza stands tall, both literally and figuratively, as a symbol of Denver’s growth and urban sophistication.

Quick overview of The Republic Plaza

NameRepublic Plaza
Height717 feet (219 m)
Construction Started1982
Rank in the City1st
OwnerBrookfield Properties
DeveloperPCL Construction
Address370 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States

1801 California

   1801 California Street, a standout in Denver’s skyline, is a 54-floor skyscraper situated in the heart of the city at 1801 California Street. This prime location places it at the center of Denver’s bustling downtown, contributing to its significance in the urban landscape.

Soaring to a height of 709 feet (216 m) and encompassing 54 floors, 1801 California stands as a testament to Denver’s modernity and architectural innovation. Its elevation makes it one of the tallest structures in both Denver and the entire state of Colorado.

   The architectural brilliance of 1801 California is evident in its sleek and modern design. The skyscraper features a distinctive crown-like structure at its summit, adding a touch of sophistication to its appearance. The facade incorporates a blend of glass and contemporary materials, contributing to its aesthetic appeal and making it a striking presence in the Denver skyline.

Quick overview of The 1801 California Street

Name1801 California Street
Height709 feet (216 m)
Construction Started1980
Rank in the CitySecond tallest building in Denver
OwnerBrookfield Properties
DeveloperHellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (HOK)
Address1801 California Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States

Wells Fargo Center

The Wells Fargo Center, a financial hub and architectural gem, is located at 1700 Lincoln Street in Denver. As a prominent fixture in the city, it plays a crucial role in Denver’s business landscape.

Rising impressively with 50 floors, the Wells Fargo Center reaches a height of 698 feet (213 m), making it a formidable presence in Denver’s skyline and securing its position among the tallest buildings in Colorado.

   The Wells Fargo Center stands out with its unique architectural features. The building is characterized by its distinct crown and the use of reflective glass in its construction. This design not only adds a touch of elegance to the structure but also contributes to the dynamic and modern aesthetic of the Denver skyline. As a financial landmark, the Wells Fargo Center blends functionality with architectural beauty in the heart of the city.

Quick overview of The Wells Fargo Center

NameWells Fargo Center
Height698 feet (213 m)
Construction Started1981
Rank in the CityThird tallest building in Denver
OwnerBeacon Capital Partners
DeveloperPhilip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects
Address1700 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80203, United States

Four Seasons Hotel Denver

The Four Seasons Hotel Denver, an epitome of luxury, is located at 1111 14th Street, Denver. Positioned in the heart of the city, this 45-floor masterpiece offers not only a luxurious stay but also a commanding view of the vibrant urban landscape.

Soaring to a height of 641 feet (195 m) and spanning 45 floors, the Four Seasons Hotel Denver stands tall above the Mile-High City. Its stature contributes to the dynamic and evolving skyline of Denver, making it a notable feature in the city’s architectural landscape.

   The Four Seasons Hotel Denver is distinguished by its elegant architectural features. The building’s design seamlessly blends modern luxury with classic sophistication. The exterior fa├žade is adorned with a combination of glass and contemporary materials, creating a sleek and inviting appearance. The hotel’s presence adds not only to the city’s skyline but also to the reputation of Denver as a destination for world-class accommodations.

Quick overview of The Four Seasons Hotel Denver

NameFour Seasons Hotel Denver
Height641 feet (195 m)
Construction Started2007
Rank in the CityFourth tallest building in Denver
OwnerAnbang Insurance Group
DeveloperThe Anschutz Corporation
Address1111 14th Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States

1144 Fifteenth

1144 Fifteenth, a modern marvel, is situated at 1144 15th Street in downtown Denver. As a 42-floor structure, it plays a significant role in shaping the city’s evolving urban identity.

Rising to a height of 603 feet (184 m) across 42 stories, 1144 Fifteenth makes a distinctive mark on the Denver skyline. Its impressive height and sleek design contribute to the city’s architectural diversity and contemporary aesthetic.

The architectural allure of 1144 Fifteenth lies in its modern design. The building features a sleek and glassy exterior, emphasizing clean lines and contemporary elegance. The structure’s prominence in downtown Denver showcases the city’s commitment to architectural innovation and urban development. 1144 Fifteenth stands as a testament to Denver’s embrace of modernity and its place in the forefront of contemporary design.

Quick overview of The 1144 Fifteenth

Name1144 Fifteenth
Height603 feet (184 m)
Construction Started2015
Rank in the CityFifth tallest building in Denver
OwnerPatrinely Group
DeveloperPatrinely Group, Hines
Address1144 15th Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States

707 17th Street

Towering over the city at 707 17th Street, this skyscraper stands as a prominent figure in Denver’s financial district. Known simply as 707 17th Street, its strategic location underscores its importance in the heart of the city.

Reaching a height of 522 feet (159 m) with 42 floors, 707 17th Street contributes to Denver’s skyline with a commanding presence. Its 42-story elevation symbolizes both architectural prowess and urban prominence.

707 17th Street exhibits a sophisticated architectural design characterized by clean lines and a modern facade. The building’s exterior combines glass and contemporary materials, projecting a sleek and professional image. As a testament to Denver’s economic strength, this skyscraper stands tall as an integral part of the city’s skyline, adding a touch of modernity to its surroundings.

Quick overview of The 707 17th Street

Name707 17th Street
Height522 feet (159 m)
Construction Started1981
Rank in the CitySixth tallest building in Denver
OwnerPiedmont Office Realty Trust
DeveloperSkidmore, Owings & Merrill
Address707 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States

555 17th Street

Situated at 555 17th Street, this towering structure is aptly named 555 17th Street. Its location in the heart of Denver signifies its role as a pivotal element in the city’s urban landscape.

Soaring to a height of 507 feet (155 m) with 40 floors, 555 17th Street is a notable addition to Denver’s skyline. Its 40-story elevation contributes to the city’s architectural diversity and makes a statement in its downtown district.

555 17th Street is characterized by its contemporary architectural features. The building’s exterior showcases a blend of glass and modern materials, contributing to a sleek and polished appearance. Its 40 floors represent a balance between height and design, making it an architectural beacon in the heart of Denver. This skyscraper stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to modern urban development and architectural excellence.

Quick overview of The 555 17th Street

Name555 17th Street
Height507 feet (155 m)
Construction Started1978
Rank in the City7th tallest building in Denver
OwnerThe Blackstone Group
DeveloperFentress Bradburn Architects
Address555 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States

1999 Broadway

Gracing the Denver skyline at 1999 Broadway, this skyscraper is appropriately named 1999 Broadway. Its strategic location places it at the heart of Denver, becoming a significant feature in the city’s urban landscape.

Standing tall with 43 floors, 1999 Broadway reaches an impressive height of 502 feet (153 m). This elevation not only contributes to its prominence among Denver’s tallest buildings but also signifies its impact on the city’s architectural diversity.

The architectural allure of 1999 Broadway lies in its contemporary design. The building features a modern facade with a combination of glass and other sleek materials. Its 43-story structure embodies a balance between height and architectural elegance, making it a distinguished landmark in Denver’s skyline. As a testament to the city’s commitment to modern urban development, 1999 Broadway adds a touch of sophistication to the vibrant cityscape.

Quick overview of The 1999 Broadway

Name1999 Broadway
Height502 feet (153 m)
Construction Started1981
Rank in the City8th tallest building in Denver
OwnerBrookfield Properties
DeveloperFentress Bradburn Architects
Address1999 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202, United States

One Lincoln Park

At the heart of Denver, One Lincoln Park stands as a vertical marvel. Located at 2001 Lincoln Street, this 38-floor skyscraper is a symbol of architectural innovation and modern living.

Soaring to a height of 484 feet (148 m) across 38 floors, One Lincoln Park adds a dynamic dimension to Denver’s skyline. Its height, combined with its location, positions it as a distinctive element in the city’s urban tapestry.

   One Lincoln Park showcases a sleek and contemporary architectural design. The exterior, adorned with a combination of glass and modern materials, exudes sophistication. The 38-story structure emphasizes a harmonious blend of height and aesthetic appeal, making it a standout feature in the evolving architecture of Denver. As a residential landmark, One Lincoln Park contributes to the city’s commitment to modern living and urban development.

Quick overview of The One Lincoln Park

NameOne Lincoln Park
Height484 feet (148 m)
Construction Started2005
Rank in the City9th tallest building in Denver
OwnerEast West Partners
DeveloperEast West Partners
Address2001 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States


Standing proudly in the heart of Denver, Spire is a contemporary residential marvel located at 891 14th Street. Its central location makes it a prominent feature in the city’s evolving skyline.

Soaring 41 floors high, Spire reaches an elevation of 478 feet (146 m). This residential skyscraper adds a dynamic vertical presence to Denver, embodying the city’s commitment to modern urban living.

Spire’s architectural design is characterized by its sleek and modern aesthetic. The building features a facade adorned with expansive glass windows, providing residents with stunning panoramic views of the city and the Rocky Mountains. The 41-story structure incorporates a contemporary and minimalist design, emphasizing clean lines and a visually appealing exterior. With its unique architectural features, Spire stands out not only as a residential landmark but also as a symbol of Denver’s dedication to innovative urban development. As a vertical community, Spire contributes to the city’s dynamic architectural landscape, offering residents a sophisticated and modern urban living experience.

Quick overview of The Spire

Height478 feet (146 m)
Construction Started2006
Rank in the City10th tallest building in Denver
OwnerHOA (Homeowners Association)
DeveloperNichols Partnership
Address891 14th Street, Denver, CO 80202, United States


In the rarefied air of the Mile-High City, the skyline stands as a testament to Denver’s growth and ambition. The ten tallest buildings, each a distinctive silhouette against the expansive Colorado sky, weave together a narrative of urban development and architectural innovation. From the towering Republic Plaza to the modern elegance of Spire, these structures transcend mere construction; they embody Denver’s spirit, resilience, and commitment to the future. As we conclude our exploration of these architectural giants, it’s evident that the skyline is not just a collection of buildings but a living, breathing entity that mirrors the city’s character. With more skyscrapers on the horizon, Denver’s ascent continues, and its skyline remains an ever-changing canvas, reflecting the dreams and aspirations of a city that continues to reach for new heights.