Kingkey 100

The Kingkey 100, KK 100, generally known as Kingkey Finance Center Plaza, is a skyscraper in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. It is positioned in Shenzhen’s Luohu District which is financial centre. Kingkey 100 is 441.8 mertes high, with 100 floors. That is, at the moment, the 10th tallest building in the world, and the tallest in Shenzen.

Before Kingkey 100, on that area, there was Caiwuwei Village. The constructor had the creative idea to form a company with the villagers, making them stakeholders. Each owner was presented a new property as well as a second home which serves as some kind of income. For that reason, the tower had to be remarkably tall so that the project could be financially viable.


It is famous for its curving building profile. This form looks like a spring or fountain and is supposed to demonstrate to the world the wealth and prosperity of Shenzhen. The perimeter column arrangement offers each level exceptional views in direction of Lizhi and Renmin Park as well as over all Shenzhen and č.


Kingkey 100 is integrated with the metropolitan transportation network, which is essential for a high density project such as this. The tower is integrated with the podium on numerous levels while retail and public uses at lower levels are integrated with the Metro system. Regarding the residential part; the residential blocks are connected at the higher levels to create much easier neighbourhood availability. Tower has business area; direct office and hotel connections are provided for easier motion of people. The Tower serves as a ‘’Mini-city” offering a 24-hour city-life to be better for the environment and human interaction.


The 100-storey, 441.8-metre tower has over 210,000m2 of apartments in 417,000m2 area. In that area there are five residential buildings and two commercial buildings. The floors of the tower are split into three main functions. The floors from level 4 to 72 are arranged for 173,000m2 of office space, the levels from 75 to 100 will be filled by a 35,000m2 6-star St. Regis hotel with 57 rooms and 40 suites. It is done with a cathedral-like glazed sky-garden animated by different activities.

Curtain system

All unit plates are put together in factory for much easier installation. Their structure assures water-tight and air-tight efficiency. Their joint parts are all sealed with special rubber so the walls have self-cleaning function. Dual silver LOW-E glass is applied due to the fact of its high light transmittance, low heat penetration and great UV isolation.

North and south facades have ultra white dual LOW-E glass. It is high economical, high security and noise resistance. This is the first high-rise project in China to work with ultra-white double silver glass facade.

East and west facades have crystal gray inter layer double silver LOW-E glass in order to contrast north and south facade. The glass is also light transmitting, high energy saving, great security and noise resistance. It’s the first project in China to work with crystal gray glass.

Power supply

Kingkey 100 has two independent power plants of high and low voltage that are providing power supply. The main task is to make sure the safety of users info. It must also permit all clients constant access to his/hers files and provide safety at all time, 24/7.

Kingkey 100 info

Location: Shenzhen, China

Owner/Developer: Kingkey Group

Design Architect: TFP Farrells Limited (Led by Stefan Krummeck)

Local Design Institute: : Huasen Architectural and Engineering Designing Consultants Ltd.

Structural & MEP Engineers: ARUP

Fire and Facade: ARUP

Landscape Architect: Adrian L. Norman Limited

Kingkey 100 in numbers

Total Development Area: 417,100 m2

Tower Height: 441.8 m

Area: 210,000 m2

Number of Floors: 100 floors above ground, 4 floors under ground.

Groundbreaking: 2007

Completion: 2011